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Thanks brother. You might also connect the HDTV to your If the officers were produced without using reservation system Then only 1 can be proud of that caste. The Nimbhoria is missing from the list, pls. Yes absolutely. jatiwal many theories have been put forward. Chamar that are followers of Dera Ballan and similar authorities and chamar who havent a clue bout life and religion call themselves Hindu by default always talk about discrimination, chamar identity and all the rest of the nonsense they do, they are the instigators that cause hate and racial abuse amongst all sikh communities.. Why dont they give it a rest, wasnt this the reason they formed their own religion to separate and have their own identity, yet they still go on and on talking the same old sh*t.. bina akal ke hi hum tumhe apne under me rakhte hai aur aka;l laga di to tab kya hoga socha hai kabhi .. Toh tum kya socthe ho bus tum hi harami ban sakte ho kya hum harami toh tum humase bhi jyada harami ho hamare pass to 20-30% reservation h tum logo ke pass toh 70% h fir bhi rothe hi rahte ho so sad ;( beta ye manu ke rule ni chate ab india me What answer u get U R SIKH THE TRUE SPIRIT Uske aage or peeche se free service ke jaygi. i think u shuld tell them proudly that u are chamar . Which is jatav. People who dont have knowledge of Shastra or veda is not a pundit. Try it. if father is sudra off sprig from brahman woman shall be chandal , from akstreya woman khatri from vaisya woman vaid/teli/gupta such like equivalent caste names are designed in hindu/sanatan/brahman dharma scriptures though chandal is 50% brahman but none agrees to scientific fact even as people has walked on moon but still it is showpiece on some great guyss head . Guru Nanak and his successors mission is dying because Sikhism is in the hands of castes that are not interested in his mission but have turned it into politics and business for jatts benefit. Parvathamma, C. (1989), Scheduled Castes at the Cross Roads, Ashish Publishing House, Delhi. Sikhism come from us , dont give fuck about sikhs. Also for the morons that are going to say my friend/relative who is a chamar is *insert jatt last name. gandhhhh, Hello Dear ALL sita shunted out of house by raja ramchander , was given shelter by dalit maharishi vamiki who earliar was hunter. There is no room for brahminvad in Sikhism. A *Ahdi * Arrii * Assi B * Babra * Bachu * Bansal * Bahra * Bamrah * Bara * Barhey [32] The Regiment, with one year of service, received three Military Crosses and three Military Medals[33] It fought in the Battle of Kohima. 2.Suman PRASRAM FOUGHT WIH SHANTNU STEP GREAT GRAND FATHER OF ARJUN-BROTHER INLAW OF KRISN REBUKED LAXMAN BROTHER OF RAM (SAME AGE) .BHARTIY SANSKRITI 6th 7th 8th incarnationS OF GOD MEET SIMULTNIOUSLY PARASRAM RAM KRISHN HERE . Thus its better to keep quiet about your caste. Br a good human first. And have all of the above names in my family. they are well settled in doaba punjab. police ko hi dkeho kaisa brasth faila rakha he kaise 100 200 k liye kisi ko b ander dal dete he .. and who feeling proud and not seeing this torchur? This Samsung HDTV has also two UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS slots in addition to four HDMI inputs which might be impressive compared with many HDTVs, and takes in relatively a reduced amount of energy for the Plasma TV FOR COMPUTER.Samsung PN50A760The Samsung PN50A760 is usually another superb Plasma HIGH-DEFINITION TELEVISION from Samsung, which presents stunning display quality by time of day or evening. Kalson family is very reputed family of haryana every body knows the kalson sir name in haryana, pls add the kalson sir name is to sirname list of kalson. I get more respect as a Khalsa then I would ever as a follower of Dera Ballan who are using pindu Chamars as pawns in their game. The persons of the chamar community should be BOLD enough and should not use word Its Hindu Brahmin sirname! Thanks. Bhagat Ravidas Ji knew where his bani was going to be compiled and installed into, THE GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI.. Their are 15 Bhagats in GGSJ from all castes and yet they dont make a issue like Ravidassias are making. Im a Jatt and its the 1st time I read something that said it how it is so respect all castes , communities in the world. Were a different ethnicity than you people. I m chamar.vil. Please reply l want jathere 1.Sahai, 2.walia in punjab. You ignorant woman! Well said Mander I salute you. You cannot argue against science. Names are also influenced by religion and caste and may come from epics. [22], After the decline of the RPI in the 1970s, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) attracted Chamar voter base. Educate yourselves people in the fall of empires kingdom and dynasties people from scheduled casts had no real identities (surnames). This is why we talk about caste so much, because we have suffered the most from it, it has shackeled us for generations. [12] Chamars have remained one of the most discriminated community within Hinduism. FISHERMAN FISH MACHHI =MACHI =MOCHI=MONCHI KOL KOLI =KOHLI =KORI SKIN CHAM =CHAMAR SC ,BC ,GENRAL IS CLEAR BAT JAT ORIGIN FROM HERE OF SHIV NOT CLEAR. your caste is a symbol of slavery for your Hindu masters, its nothing to be proud of. In conditions of on-line, it supplies four HDMI inputs Who taught you that you idiot. Gande rehte hoo nahate nahi hoo. My name is KS Hunjan this into also name of Chamar please. But accepting the truth will set you free and see reality as it is not what you have been brain washed with. It is a similar situation like Native Americans and Austroloids ( Native Australians) .. SC or dalit people are native tribal communities and were not accepted by migrating Aryan tribes from Brahmins to Shudra , this is the reason they were considered out caste and not assigned any caste which is a traditional Hindu systems. I appreciate your reply to me at, Hates of you man who proudly say they are chamar because they know caste dont matter only your achievements matter I am from a high caste Srivastav I never make fun of any lower caste for me everyone is at same level . You have a problem in India where corruption has got worse due to the fact that for a very long time scheduled caste people were not allowed to Be in a position of power and since the laws changed and they were given senior positions in India corruption has trebled as a lot,of these people came from poor backgrounds and have taken advantage of this .There was always corruption in India but it is the worst it has ever been. Karra has been added to the list. The scheduled castes are only 22%, scheduled tribes 5%, Other backward castes 48%. Yes your right I know jatt from other religions but your ego needs to chill, your still classed as a shudra if you believe in caste lol. (Manu Simariti Chap. teri ma ki sale teri kya bahan ko talak dediya ? one time stand infront of mirror and ask yourself u r a jatt or chamaar or etc. dear bro. It was only when Muslims made Hindus work against their culture and faith they formed castes like Chammar and other castes which were then considered low caste. surname sehgal is actually sehjal in reality. Aside with its eco-friendly CONTRIBUTED backlight, it has the benefit of several some other amazing benefits, including superior DLNA online and a thorough Content Im glad I was born here in Great Britain. Hello Friends Today I am here to tell you about the List of Scheduled Caste Surnames used in India. Upper class people used the Jatts against their brothers. Our GGSJ is a gift left behind for us, if we practice and follow it, then we have no need to worry about society out their who are not following a decent, respectful life. mar jao is gall nalu abbu badal liya j. Jai gurudev Im from ravidasia koam my surname bhoondpal its nd we are going our religion village himey distt.. banga bt I dnt get here my surname why.. nd our surname same jathere in kukar pind distt. devadasis ended to be considered dalits, some end up in prostitution. son of brahmin / sudra WAS biyas . your are a racist by your own comments .everybody is equal in the sight of God and men . These communities are the Shudras(OBCs) and ati-shudras(schedules castes and tribes) of India. Padmane. Jindgi kay kai imtihan abhi baki hai, Tum general walo ke paas to padai ke sab sadhan hote hai ayr pese bhi. Dont suffer in silence, all the support you need is there. More more brahmins are getting poorer and some even resorted to the jobs that chamars did. Instead of working for abolition of castes you people are continuing to firming up caste system. Hardly anybody says anything caste based in the uk. Regards. the day baisakhi is removed . Ambekar. . It makes me really angry when people use choora chamar as caste abuses. . locality: charkhi dadri,bhiwani. Jatt is a race and an ethnicity, it cant be forgotten it will always be part of who we are. [31], The 1st Chamar Regiment was an infantry regiment formed by the British during World War II. Sikhism teaches that there is no caste system. Chavar vansh k chamar hi budhist the . Punjab National Bank, The fact is even in your village some choorey and chamaars will have same surname not because they are want to pass off as higher caste but because the reality is that is their surname, whether you or anybody else like it or not. Rawal was originally used as a first name in parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Im Jatt but I dont give a flying f#ck about caste. SO PLEASE SIR TELL ME.. hlo sir i want to confirm that MOMI Surname is in chamar caste or not??? So who rules India today and who is responsible for corruption in India? vo esliye de rhi hai kyuki unko dena padega. I find it ridiculous how people say this should not be allowed.. it is like saying you should not be proud of your religion and your roots. Raghbir Singh. Hindu Groups like Congress, RSS have been trying to break Sikhism into separate castes, and to demolish Sikhism. THAT BLIND FELLOW BOASTING OF BHARATIY SANSKRITI BHARAT HIMSELF WAS OUT CASTE SON OF BRAHMIN AND AKSHTRI POOR SEKAR You guys are saying disregard the caste system but the only reason you have these last names is cause your sorry ass people were ashamed of their caste and wanted to feel higher. mothers of mahabhata biyash were ganga n satyawati jala/mala/kevat nit was person from same caste who was ferry man of ramchander . Remember, whether you are Jatt or Chumar or any caste, you follow the same religion, you read the same Book. Abhi to sara aasman baki hai. Bhardwaj is not a chamar last name. Therefore, a humble appeal is being made to all the respected social people that those who want to cooperate in the said construction work can give according to their ability, along with all the donors must give their photo along with their name and present place of residence so that social Your photo along with name and place of residence can be broadcast in the magazine. sat guru rabidas jee maharaj and ravaidassia samaj ko meri oor se sat sat naman. by the LAPTOP input. Let no one divide us. If you want awakening my sleeping lion chamars read what Guru Ravidass wanted for us , What Dr Ambedkar did for us and what Kanshi Ram worked for us. Hi there!! Thank you, my friend for telling the truth, that what blinded us, as Sikh we cant even recognized, our own brothers ( 5 piare consisted different cast ). on my caste certificate the name of the my religion is hindu and name of the caste is aad -dharmi is written. Mobile Number 91 + 9407521386 After defeating the dalits the foreign aryan invaders of india took away the acuut raj and imposed their raj on dalits and other lower caste hindus and imposed painful disabilities on shudras and the untouchables ie all human rights denied reducing them to below the status of animals. It boasts a false contour impact for sudden images quite possibly on curvy roads, and the InfoLink have which helps you to access the new updates within sports, weather, stocks together with other news. All of Indias social,economic,political , religious and cultural ills have their roots in brahminism.Only when it is destroyed will India be able to take a respectable place along with civilised nations we all admire. The only thing Im pissed off about is you morons taking our last names and posting them as your own on this retarded website. yes Sahota is Chamar surname i am sahota as well. jag bain please broden mind dasrat / keikai gotra was same also that of kunti n pandu as well . The idiots think we are criticising the Bhagat Ji!! add samplay, gangar, narrewatt, Saniar, banga, as these are all confirmed. Revolt Now! THERE ARE TWO REGIMENTS NAMED CHAMAR REGIMENT AND MAHAR REGIMENT. It is the great great grand father of Indian religions. PUNB0008100. they should come to forward now the time has been changed . !Please Thora jeya jaldi kar deyo add evi chamara dehi naam ya please thorha jeya jaldi!!! ja gurudev, U can add Phoondpal also. you might always adjust the display quality through her numerous image controls which have been laid out inside There are still those who oppose our emancipation, those want to keep us poor and vulnerable so as to provide them with the cheap labour that they require. Ancient books on Indian culture, religion do not have a mention of the word HINDU. India is for all castes we come from the same land, flag and when India does well we all feel much better. You say that corruption has got worse due to schedule caste people gaining power due to reservation and thus corruption has trebled as alot. My Surname is Dhembla.I would like to know in which caste this surname comes. Ravidass says, the achuuts( ie the untouchables/dalits) were the rulers of India. Maurya to expand its base. Your mind can only be washed free if you accept the truth in the same way as Guru Nanak found the truth. ISWAR SINGH IPS H KURUKSHETRA SE VO CHAMAR H PUNJAB POLICE MEIN H June 29, 2022 / 1 / 0 / 1 / 0 They are jatt Sikh background.They are very rich and all the relatives are also jatt Sikh. Vinod Kumar !It is also a chamar surname, Yaar pls Mamman v add karo mera last name hai, Please add GANGER as sub caste of Chamar Community. I can honestly say there is nothing more beautiful than Sikhi in its purest form. These rules and regulations are illustrated in The Laws of Manu, Mahabharta, and Ramayan and other holy hindu books. This surname originally rajput but also falls into rajputs, jatts and also chamars. Remember vote = Raj. Try to learn good manners. Just changing your surname to a Jatt one DOES NOT make it Chamar. 5. Therefore, it is a humble request to give maximum donation and cooperate in this social pious work by giving your contribution. you cannot always. These surnames are common amongst jatt and chamar so you cant say jatt owned the surnames. No, we are not. longest constituition is of india .lekin kisko justice milta he? i hope all chamar should work hard to become no. AND STOP BRINGING SIKHISM INTO THIS, cant Jatts be from other religions dumbass? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I urge all Chamars to take Amrit, it is the only way we will wholly be accepted not just by Jatts, but by society as a whole. Thus there is no justifiable reason to suspect scheduled caste officer engaging in corrupt practices. a user-friendly menu so that you can truly unveil and love the full black I am Banga , but not chamar . Saini (), is a caste of North India who were traditionally ,, vegetable farmers.Sainis claim to be descendants of a king, Shurasena, and to be related to the ancient Shoorsaini clan, noted in Puranic literature. I know what you mean because I am a Maratha Sikh and a lot of Sikhs mock me because of my heritage as most Sikhs are ethnically Punjabi. Putt Jattan De! Your Hindu religion is based on high and low. Surnames are very similar amongst jatt and chamar. I want every chamar to become a political animal and be inspired and think of raj. 5. Those names that have been identified as also jatt surnames should be catagorised as such. A name doesnt create a person. I am a Marathi chambhar Plenty of Farmland owned in Nakodar region of Punjab. Im a proud Sikh Dont become followers, become leaders. It was only a few decades ago that YOUR jatt sikh ancestors were beating and killing chamars for entering your sikh temples. so dont hate/abuse in the name of CASTE/VARNA by birth which poison in ur food / peace has been claverly put by shirkers to keep ALIVE brahminism causing great HARM to each n every one . So please seek help now! PUNB0008100, Oi Rani, lay off the pang, makin up some bull, believe me we got sanity unlike u lot in ur little mud huts, sen some of u touch tatti n goha n act like its nuthin.

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